Exacting standards, to the last stitch.
Patience and perseverance are the tenets of Lucien WANG, and their expression is embodied in his eponymous brand launched in 2008. If China is the land of his birth, France is the land where his heart carried him from adolescence. Of the six formative years he spent in Paris, WANG retained not only exacting standards and excellence but also a lifestyle of elegance and honesty.
After initiating technical studies, he realized his heart lay elsewhere. Along the banks of the Seine, his ideas flourish, his vision takes shape. A serendipitous meeting with Studio Berçot's Marie Rucki is the turning point in the pursuit of a dream he didn't dare verbalize. She feels the ideas shimmering beneath the surface and encourages him to apply. "If Berçot selects me, I will become a fashion designer; if not, I will not pursue this," thinks this young man whose determination is only surpassed by his work ethics.
In 2007 and a Berçot graduate, he enters Veronique Leroy's team where he apprentices with seasoned professionals and enriches his knowledge of materials. His passion for fabrics takes shape and begins to emerge. 
When he imagines his first eponymous capsule, he has no intention of compromising on execution, finishing or materials. If he chose to set up in Beijing, it is to allow him to build his company in accordance with the quality and exacting standards that he owes to his heartland. The craftsmen that he selected for his atelier are among the best in the industry and are able to express their know-how within a structure that values their art.
WANG's creed is to perfect patterns, to find that quintessential alchemy between fabric, body and creative vision. Every cut, tuck and fold embodies this demanding elegance the designer holds dear. His personal history is a bridge between France and China, and his work a hyphen between past and future. "The heritage I wish to leave is a quality brand," says the designer to sum up his vision of French brand LUCIEN WANG.
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