Donoo is a design-oriented fashion brand
Donoo —Simple Living

Donoo is a clothing brand possessing design texture.
Donoo is a culture brand advocating inner freedom.

It’s exquisite and humane, combining the art of life. Donoo emphasizes more on people’s inner emotion in clothing while guarantees superior materials and design. Inner freedom and humanistic care make the core part of Donoo’s brand culture.

Donoo, starting to face the public since 2013, has been exploring the dressing philosophy that tallies with the oriental and mixing “beauty of freedom” into costume, which makes costume an artistic voice of self recognition and aesthetics delivery.

Donoo’s consuming group is composed of mature striplings and young adults who respect their own inner choice and carry the ability and confidence to undo the doable. They are financially independent. They hold unique perspective about the world and possess excellent recognition, judgment and aesthetics way beyond mediocre life.

As a new power of Asian design, Donno, until this year, has established 84 art stores spreading all over the first-tier and new first-tier landmark shopping malls throughout this nation, and become a domestic men’s clothing brand with the greatest artistic texture and commercial potential.
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