Nail Raven

Nail Raven is a prestigious chain of nail salons in China
Nail Raven is a prestigious chain of nail salons in China, positioned as a high-end, premium quality, Japanese fashion label.  Created by its parent company, KiraKira Nail, a conglomerate incorporated in the heart of CBD Beijing in 2011, first to introduce Japanese style manicures to Chinese consumers, combining Salons, Schools and quality Products.
In 2012, the Company began distribution of a range of quality nail products from the leading Japanese brands including Presto, Nail De Dance, Nail Labo etc., and officially become the licensed distributor for Nail Labo, the largest nail products company in Japan, for the China market.  In 2013 and 2014, KiraKira Nail subsequently become the master distributors in China for Jewelry-Nail, the largest nail accessories supplier from Japan, and Sunshine Babe, a popular brand owned by GG Cooperation in Japan.
The official KiraKira Nail ‘weibo’ (the largest social media platform in China) now has over 240,000 registered followers, including many famous artists and fashion models in and outside of China, with continuous growing numbers through mainstream media coverage and exposures on fashion magazines and webcasts.
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