World famous teddy bear brand Steiff is from Germany with 135 years of history, known for exclusive materials, meticulous crafts, and outstanding designs. Steiff stuffed teddy bears are more than toy bears; they are collector’s items with escalating values. Some of the Steiff creations were sold for record high prices at auctions.   
All Steiff creations are marked with a golden button in the left ear.

And now, Steiff bears and their animal friends have found their home at Parkview Green. Please visit them any time!
Since the brand was founded by Margarete Steiff, Steiff has been committed to make the world’s safest toy animals and teddy bears. All Steiff creations are made from the finest materials, including mohair, alpaca, cotton, velvet, and woven fur. All materials have been allergy tested. The materials are also certified to be mite-proof.

Steiff creations, made with the finest materials, can be identified with signature stitches. The noses, mouths, and claws are all hand-stitched.
+8610 5701 9037
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