HAKATA IKKOUSHA is the famous Japanese noodle shop
HAKATA IKKOUSHA is the famous Japanese noodle shop in where a large number of prizes were won.
Hakata Ikkousha Number 1 had been loved by many around the world. Mr.Yoshimura put his devotion and soul into making the prefect ramen. Which is why, not only Japan but the entire would he wants to make Ikkousha Ramen be loved by all.
The Secret of Tastiness
“Ikkousha” has the secret of its deliciousness. We frequently change pork bones in broth and ensure its delicious taste.
The New Pioneer, Kousuke Yoshimura, devoted much time to creating his original taste while maintaining traditional tonkotsu ramen.
The broth is derived from the essence of various parts of pork bone boiled in beforehand order to remove the strong smell. To ensure its maximum flavor and taste, the bones and broth should be changed frequently. The more time we simmer the pork bone broth, the more creamy broth we can get. The chefs check the broth every morning. It takes many years of experience to serve the broth with the same taste because the taste of broth is unstable. The broth is made by simmering water and the pork-bones for several hours and it becomes the memorable taste.
Essences of seafood and sauce which decide the taste of ramen give the soup richer taste.

The sauce is an essential element. This sauce is made by blending 3 kinds of local soy sauces and more than 20 kinds of seasonings and 5 kinds of rare seafood. With the seafood, the mixture of the sauce with the broth makes the soup much richer.
Kousuke Yoshimura ensures that our ramen satisfies customers. Our tonkotsu ramen soup has been tempting them to want to try it every day.
Noodles must bring out the taste of the broth. Ramen chefs understand this better than anyone else.
It seems difficult that Noodle companies produce noodles meeting our demands. It takes much time, efforts and costs to produce the best one. Generally ramen shops go halfway to meet it.
Ikkousha bought a small noodle making machine and had managed to make the best noodles for the broth through much error and trial. First of all, we emphasized the form, texture and the color that goes with the soup. To keep the taste of noodles best, the chefs change the amount of water considering on temperature, humidity and weather. They control the noodles and store them perfectly in each shop.
The white color and thinness of the noodles impress our customers and not only the taste of the soup but also the natural taste of wheat move them. The perfection is adorable. Ikkousha ensures that all customers enjoy the ramen to the last minute because the noodles never become soggy.
Selective toppings add spice to ramen.
A special topping, pork chashu is soaked in secret- recipe sauce. The chashu the chefs make goes with the broth very much. We serve thinly-sliced chashu in order not to spoil the best taste of ramen. The chef perfectly understands how to use roast pork, chashu, as well as other topping ,ni-tamago , soy sauce flavored boiled egg, to add spice to ramen. All customers experience exquisite ramen that the broth, noodles and toppings are well-balanced in.
Enjoy the exciting moment full of joy and surprise with ramen in Ikkousha.
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