Great Food Town

Starts with delicate and trendy cuisine Showing the most stylish, high quality gourmet feast.
Unlike ordinary food courts, Great Food Town combines the sensations of a high quality hotel lobby with the atmosphere of a live cooking show, allowing customers who come to Great Food Town to savour exquisite delicacies as well as experience the pinnacle of international artistic trends. With elegant and fashionable foods as its starting point, only the most stylish and high quality foods are on show.
Long Xian Ju (龙涎居) The wisdom of a mother that has passed down from generation to generation...That is the secret ingredient in Long Xian Ju's youthful rejuvenating soup - a heartwarming and delicious portion of "love in a bowl".
A. Wang Noodle Bar (阿旺面吧), the representative of the most authentic and traditional noddle culture, is establishing its first store in Beijing. We are dedicated to serving you the most traditional Nyonya Laksa Noodle from Singapore, the populare Pad Thai and the authentic Vietnamese Beef Noodles Soup, including Malaysian and Indonesian. Come and taste all of Southeast Asia right here in Beijing!

Crepanini (可百尼尼): a touch of French romance
The exquisite decor and dishes all serve your enjoyment of relaxation and French romance in Crepanini, with their simple yet healthy food – French crepes.
After careful cooking of salted buckwheat coupled with rich cheeses and other imported ingredients, the main entrée of a French crepe is created; sweet crepes are paired with abundant fresh fruit and other top-class ingredients to create a French crepe dessert – unforgettable when accompanied with cider brewed in France.

HONOLULU CAFE (檀岛) Founded in 1940, HONOLULU CAFE has become a Hong Kong icon for Cha Chan Teng. HONOLULU CAFE's milk tea and egg tarts are very famous in Hong Kong and its Hong Kong Styles siumei, stir-fry dishes and curry are also not to be missed.
Han Shou Yuan (韩寿源): Concentrating on the famous Korean dish of Bibimbap, today’s fashions are integrated with nutritional food to produce a delicious dish.
Bibimbap uses the most flavoursome seasonal vegetables mixed together with a secret Korean chilli sauce. The unique aromas of the dish are accompanied in the palate by a gentle spiciness and delicate sweetness – the flavours and tastes are absolutely first-class.

Mian ai Mian (面爱面) “Mian ai Mian” operates a series of fast food chains that make Japanese bone soup noodles, Japanese style curry and Yakinku dinners. It has 20 years of history, professional service, standardized management, and the food is very well known in the industry. We are consistently determined to become the first Janpanese expert brand of fast food in the hearts of our customers.

Du Hsiao Yueh (度小月) The legend of Du Hsiao Yueh began in 1895 with a fisherman by the surname of Hong. Traveling from village to village, he would carry his noodles on shoulder poles and sold them on the streets, eventually naming them "Slack Season Tan Tsai Noodles". Today guests can enjoy the delicious bowls of carefully selected ingredients and exceptional flavors.

happylemon (快乐柠檬) Enjoy real fresh tea by happylemon! happylemon is a bright and vibrant brand for the young and fashionable. It provides high quality, healthy and innovative drinks to make every customer feel energised and refreshed.

Ji Guang Delicious Fried Chicken (继光香香鸡) Established in 1973, the Taiwanese local food brand Ji Guang Delicious Fried Chicken is famous for the secret recipe that was inherited from the owner's father. With over 40 years experience and the spirit of persistent improvement, it follows the principle of highest quality in order to make sure that every piece of food delivered to the customer with loving care and guaranteed delicious taste.

永康街 This is probably the only place in Beijing where you can experience the most authentic Taiwanese street food. Our featured dish, oyster omelet, will surely wow you with its amazing texture and fresh ingredients!
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