Great Food Town

Starts with delicate and trendy cuisine Showing the most stylish, high quality gourmet feast.
Unlike ordinary food courts, Great Food Town combines the sensations of a high quality hotel lobby with the atmosphere of a live cooking show, allowing customers who come to Great Food Town to savour exquisite delicacies as well as experience the pinnacle of international artistic trends. With elegant and fashionable foods as its starting point, only the most stylish and high quality foods are on show.
Old Qin
The old Qin Shanxi flavor will combine the high soup with the flour to make the traditional Shanxi flavor.  Shanxi has a wide range of flavors and varieties. From the use of techniques, steaming, boiling, frying, stir-frying grilling and so on, from the use of raw materials said, the rice is from south, and flour is from north, aquatic terrestrial, wild game. Everything is contained them. The old Qin will show the most characteristic flavor of Shanxi to you.

"ZhengShiWei" is mainly based on Liuyang local food culture. As a traditional dish in Hunan, Liuyang steaming food belongs to Hunan cuisineis. To perfectly reflect health, nutrition and delicious, "ZhengShiWei" has always been focused on steaming. It can preserve the authentic food and nutrition in the steaming process, so that each consumer can feel the ultimate flavor and taste.
Han Shou Yuan
Han Shou Yuan combines modern cooking techniques and nutritious ingredients toserve you the famous Korean dish,Bibimbap.Bibimbap uses seasonal vegetables mixed with special Korean sauce,accompanied by the spicy and sweet taste of authentic Korean food.
Du Hsiao Yueh Restaruant
More than one hundred years ago, a fisherman named Hong Yu Tou immigrated to Tainan, Taiwan from Zhangzhou, Fujian China.
At that time, a heavy storm hit Tainan during the Qingming and Mid-Autumn festival, which affected the fishing season. Therefore, Mr. Hong had to rely on other ways to make a living and started to carry a bamboo basket full of noodle soup and selling them on the streets during the “Slack Season”. From this event the Du Xiao Yue (Passing the Slack Season) store was born.
The unique taste of the “Dang Zai Noodle” was becoming popular and began attracting a lot of celebrities and politicians, both local and abroad.
Founded in 1940, HONOLULU CAFÉ has become a Hong Kong icon for Cha Chan Teng.HONOLULU CAFÉ'S milk tea and egg tarts are very famous in Hong Kong and its Hong Kong Style siumei, stir-fry dishes and curry are also not to be missed.
Fried chicken
We ensure that every bite delivered to our customer is fresh and guaranteed satisfactory. It is our mission to give you the best of our fried chicken every time. Whenever and wherever,
in order to bring you a smile at the mere thought of it.
Mr. Shi's Dumplings
Mr. Shi's Dumplings will continue to keep the idea of traditional,quality, and innovation taste of dumplings and let more guest all over the world to experience its unique flavored dumplings.

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