Din Tai Fung

A family-run restaurant that has turned into a global dumpling icon
While being evaluated by New York Times as one of the Top Ten Restaurants in the world, and as the sole Chinese restaurant on the list, Din Tai Fung Restaurant has been known far and wide for its characteristic steamed dumplings.
Founded in 1972, Din Tai Fung was an insignificant restaurant at its beginning, like so many leading brands in the catering industry. Serving a popular dish: steamed dumplings, Mr. Bingyi Yang, was the founder yet also the waiter serving guests. By word of mouth, Din Tai Fung has gradually earned its reputation among the customers and has grown up strong and sturdy. Usually long winding queues line up in front of Din Tai Fung to wait for the piping hot steamed dumplings in Taipei; while in Japan and the US, local admirers beat a path to the doors of Din Tai Fung branches.
+8610 8562 6583
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