Parkview Green Art Taipei

Parkview Green Art Taipei was launched in the beginning of March, 2015
Parkview Green Art Taipei was launched in the beginning of March, 2015, following the foundation of its sister galleries: Parkview Green Art in Beijing, Parkview Green Art 798, Parkview Green Art Shanghai, and Parkview Green Art Hong Kong, and is located in the down town area of Taipei Ren-Ai Road. From the outset we have insisted on the running principle of "Intensively cultivating local culture with an international viewpoint" by sharing every sister gallery's resources and developing a relationship with the local area. The purpose of Parkview Green Art Taipei is to promote Asian contemporary art in an earnest, professional and sharing way, and further create a prosperous future for cross-strait artists, buyers and art lovers.
Our gallery space not only uses traditional solid walls to separate each art work, but also combines compound elements and multiple hierarchical separations to create new space visualization and a home-like warmth to yield a friendly visiting space for guests.

We, Parkview Green Art Taipei, would like to be a bridge and a friend between artists and the numerous art lovers. Our mission is to offer the public an opportunity to discover talented artists in Chinese and Taiwanese society, and focus on supporting Asian and international contemporary fine arts, therefore gradually exposing outstanding artists and art works to the international community.

Address:No.115, Renai Road, Daan  District, Taipei


At Parkview Green, buildings are not cold and impregnable, but a breathing, organic life form.


At Parkview Green, art is not remote and untouchable, but a vital element in every corner.


At Parkview Green, being a member is all about a unique and distinctive experience.
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