Art and Mission

From November 26, 2018 (Mon.) to March 15, 2019 (Fir.)
Opening Hours 10:00 ~ 19:00, Every Monday to Friday
10:00 ~ 21:00, Every Saturday to Sunday Free admission
The Parkview Museum Beijing announces the opening of the exhibition Art and Mission: George Wong 1952-2017 curated by the internationally acclaimed curators Lóránd Hegyi, also Art Director of The Parkview Museum, and Huang Du.
Art and Mission: George Wong 1952-2017 is a homage to the extraordinary and visionary character of the late George Wong. A businessman, man of culture, patron of art and art collector, Mr. Wong had great faith in the educational power of arts: he believed art can offer a vision of universe, manifest a deep humanity, and embody sensibility, responsibility and solidarity while conveying an intense emotional and ethical engagement.
George Wong believed in the message of art and wanted this message to be conveyed to the public. He knew that to create an art collection and present it to the public is not only a private passion, but also a public mission: George Wong built the institutional frame of this endeavor on the foundation of the Parkview Museum.
While the Parkview Museum, both in Beijing and in Singapore, regularly presents different parts of its art collection from Asia, Europe and America, its exhibition program, conceptualized by George Wong and Lóránd Hegyi, is mainly focused on two projects: one is represented by the series of exhibitions titled Bridging Asia-Europe and one is related to a series of thematic exhibitions based on re-thinking the narrative of contemporary art.
The exhibition Art and Mission: George Wong 1952-2017 is divided into two sections. The C section presents numerous documents, photos, videos, texts, and publications which refer to George Wong’s life and his various activities in the field of architectural and artistic projects, educational and public activities and environmental protection initiatives including the global contemporary art exhibition "On Sharks and Humanity". This exhibition, conceptualized and curated by Huang Du, with a multidisciplinary approach focuses on the action of the artists who engage in raising awareness and exploring the relationship between humanity and the Ocean. The D section is focused on the presentation of works of art which manifest different aspects of his engagement in contemporary art. The selection of works from the collection of the Parkview Museum reflects George Wong’s personality as well as his vision of the
effectiveness of art in humanistic education, about building “bridges” between cultures and continents, and about the relationship between tradition and contemporary culture. It also reflects the personal relationships with artists who donated artworks to the museum.
Art and Mission: George Wong 1952-2017 is a celebration of George Wong’s mission and his cultural legacy which will endure through time. The Parkview Museum will continue to explore and develop the versatile and rich potential of contemporary art and its human values through projects aimed at building global and international bridges between nations and people, reflecting and further expanding the vision and ambitions of George Wong.
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