DurationFrom April 15,2019 (Mon.) to October 21, 2019 (Mon.)
Opening HoursFree admission
10:00 ~ 19:00, Every Monday to Friday
10:00 ~ 21:00, Every Saturday to Sunday
April 14, 2019: The Parkview Museum Beijing is pleased to announce our latest art exhibition on contemporary drawing, Intriguing Uncertainties, which will bring together 40 artists from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Curated by Lóránd Hegyi, Art Director of The Parkview Museum, Intriguing Uncertainties is the second show of a series of thematic exhibitions aimed at exploring the possible authentic narratives in contemporary art which reflect the contradictory complexity of our existence as well as the intriguing perspectives of intellectual orientation and emotional empathy. The exhibition will be inaugurated on April 14, 2019 and will run until October 21.
The exhibition Intriguing Uncertainties comes to The Parkview Museum Beijing after meeting strong international resonance at The Parkview Museum Singapore. Intriguing Uncertainties highlights the newly regained significance of the narrative in contemporary art—especially in the drawing of our day—that focuses on singular socio-cultural constellations as well as specific and situational meanings, based on anthropological considerations. The relational and situational meaning creates a special mental space or an imaginary dimension where viewers are confronted with disturbing improbabilities and uncertainties, and obscure, ambivalent and irrational phenomena that are not just the result of the artistic imagination but also components of actual reality rising from where they are buried to confront us every day. These uncertainties destabilize our general human orientation in the contemporary reality; such phenomena reflect our chaotic, unstable and confusing world, which is rife with conflict.
The realm of darkness, chaos and fear is part of our anthropological reality and it is the artist’s role to disclose these hidden forces. The artist, through his radical imagination, elaborates disturbing and destabilizing improbabilities that reflect and shed light on the complexity of human existential experience and character. These uncertainties and improbabilities have the power to liberate the viewer’s imagination and invite the viewer to engage more readily with art on an emotional and intellectual level. Indeed, this was the view of Edmund Burke, a philosopher whose brilliant essay was one of the very first inquiries on the aesthetic power of uncertainty and ‘expressive obscurity’ to free our imagination, create figures and forms of improbability and connections between different realms of experiences.
Two hundred years later, Dennis Oppenheim, whose work is presented in this exhibition, drew the same conclusions as Burke did: he expressed the central role of ‘interior obscurity’ and ‘subterranean energy’ in opening unknown and unimagined connections between different mental systems and emotional terrains. Oppenheim also emphasized the liberating capacity of uncertainty which originates from the unspeakable, the harrowing, and the obscure as a creative force. To confront the viewer with the narrative of obscurity, uncertainty and improbability, the artists of this exhibition offer also perspectives of hope and transparency, because they emphasize the liberating capacity of the freed fantasy, which brings the viewers on a journey through the multifaceted nature of human existential experiences and an extremely complex, destabilizing and yet intriguing and fascinating poetic universe.
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