About Parkview Green Museum

Dedicated to promoting and participating in the development and research in contemporary art
The Parkview Museum, a private non-profit art institution started in March 2013 by Huang Jianhua, Chairman of Parkview Group, is on Level 10, D Tower, Parkview Green, No. 9, Dongdaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing-in the immediate vicinity of CBD.   

 The exhibition hall, consisting of two halls, covers a total area of over 4,000m2. The glass curtain walls and the steel-frame structure, coupled with the ETFE fabric on the top, make up a particular energy-saving and environmentally friendly shield, ensuring an independent microclimate in the hall. In addition, thanks to the hybrid air conditioning and ventilating system, sufficient natural lighting and other state-of-the-art environment protection technology, the hall registers MERV 11, the highest level for complex architecture, providing qualified space for various art exhibitions and helping to achieve the best artistic effect.  

As a non-profit art institution with integrated functions of exhibition, research and public education, The Parkview Museum is dedicated to promoting and participating in the development and research in contemporary art. Inspired by humanism, it has broken away with the “object-oriented” tradition that used to dominate most exhibition halls. While keeping updated with prevailing art trends and leading artist in China, the exhibition hall is keen on discovering and promoting new artists. In the age of globalization, the exhibition hall also encourages art exchange and academic communication on a global level and promotes cooperation between artists, art institutions and art events both at home and abroad so as to become an    medium for international exchange with modern vision for art.    
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